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Novacell 1C

Novacell 1C - Waterproofing underground structures


Novacell 1C offers an environmental friendly solution to numerous waterproofing problems in underground structures like basements and foundations and a sustainable solution for ground-level-seals.


Novacell 1C is a modified bitumen latex coating for permanent waterproofing of underground structures/constructions on the exterior of buildings or constructions and is suitable for virtually any surface. The underground structures can be both horizontally and vertically.


Novacell 1C is used as a permanent durable elastic (-> 400%) waterproofing for underground structures like foundations, basements and ground level seals (first 20 to 50 cm below ground level) as well as throughputs (provided the use of a reinforcement) against moisture, non-pressing water and rising groundwater, in both new construction and renovation.


Novacell 1C is highly recommended as an additional security as a waterproofing coat before placing any drainage membranes. Place Novacell 1C up to slightly above ground level (pavement level).


Novacell 1C has been developed from years of experience (almost 50 years) as a manufacturer with its own execution of works. It offers a sufficiently long time to process and is easy to handle.


  • CE marking according to EN 15814

  • UV-resistant

  • solvent free (no VOC) harmless to humans and environment

  • Proven durability  > 25 years

  • water-based

  • odourless

  • does not present a risk to soil, groundwater and / or surface water

  • crack bridging

  • cold application

  • elastic up to 400%

  • 1-component product

  • resistant to salt water and fog

  • frost proof

Application areas for waterproofing:

  • ground-level-seals

  • foundations

  • basements

  • throughputs

  • concrete piles

  • construction joints

  • static joints

  • movement joints

  • shrinkage joints

Processing features:

  • simple manual processing

  • good adhesion to mineral substrates (stone, concrete)

  • good adhesion to bituminous material

  • good adhesion to metals

Novacell 1C - Underground waterproofing


Novacell 1C can be applied to materials like concrete, brickwork, metals, hard PVC, bituminous products, wood and plasterwork. 

Novacell 1C is suitable for waterproofing (and renovating):

  • Concrete walls

  • Basement walls

  • Foundations

  • Ground-level-seals


Novacell 1C processing:

  • Novacell 1C is processed undiluted

  • Minimum processing temperature is > +5°C; the surface may not be frozen



Surfaces must be dry, clean and free from dust and grease.  In case of release agents of stronger contamination, grit blasting can be used.  Holes and cracks should be filled with sand/cement.



  • As a primer, a thin coat (approximately 0,5 kg/m2) should be applied on the surface with a brush. Let this coat cure. Curing time depending on temperature and humidity 1 - 4 hours.

  • Then apply a coat of approximately 1,5 kg/m2 (thickness of wet coat approximately 1,5mm).

  • Optionally, a geotextile of 110 g/m2 can be applied in the upper wet layer. It is important that the incorporated geotextile is fully saturated with Novacell 1C; no air bubbles or wrinkles and the geotextile should be free of any white spots. Then finish the geotextile with another coat of approximately 0,5 kg/m2.



The applied Novacell 1C should be protected against rain for at least 1-4 hours depending on temperature and humidity. Drying time for complete curing is approximately 24 hours.



When working on building details like static/movement/shrinkage joints, throughputs (pipes, drainages etc.) or inside and outside corners, a geotextile of 110 g/m2 needs to be used as reinforcement.


  • Brush

  • Scrubbing brush



Shelf time of Novacell 1C is 12 months in a fully sealed container; store in a dry, cool and frost-free place. Shelf-time is limited after opening.



Novacell 1C is available in buckets of 10 and 20 kilograms. Other types of packaging can be discussed upon request.



Novacell 1C is solvent free (no VOCs). The Material Safety Data Sheet is available on


Technical data:

Application rate: see item “Application”

Processing temperature: > +5°C to < 30°C

Processing time: around 2 hours

Consistency: paste

Odour: odourless

Thickness: 1mm coat thickness wet = approximately 0,6mm coat thickness cured (dry)

Solid content: approximately 60%

Density: approximately 1,04

Colour: brown when wet, black when cured.

Rain tight: 1 - 4 hours depending on humidity and temperature

Fully cured: approximately 24 hours

Tools: deposit into waste container after use (residual waste)

Transport: no dangerous substances

Application rate according to EN 15814:

In order to comply with standard EN 15814, the product must be applied in two layers. 

Groundwater, non-pressing water::

  • Two coats

  • Approximately 5 kg/m2

  • Thickness of wet coat approximately 5mm

  • Thickness of dry coat approximately 3mm


Rising groundwater and external pressing water:

  • Two coats

  • Approximately 7 kg/m2

  • Thickness of wet coat approximately 7mm

  • Thickness of dry coat approximately 4mm





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