You want to keep your roof 100% water-free and safely in top form? Then the Kimmenade maintenance contract is something for you. The regular preventive maintenance reduces the risk of leaks and costs.


Standard Kimmenade maintenance contract:

• Check the sealing of the covering roofs and seams

• Check the water tightness of expansion joints and eaves

• Control of water tightness of connections of rainwater drains

• Control of water tightness of connections of the roof skin with skylights, smoke and         

   ventilation ducts and other roof penetrations

• Checking the roof for mechanical damage and pollution


• Removing loose parts

• Removal of seasonal trash in waterways, rainwater drains and emergency overflows

• Cleaning of roof and waterways, rainwater drains and emergency overflows

• Repair of small defects

• Reporting and photo report by our service & maintenance department


Optionally to be extended with:

• Maintenance and inspection of roof safety devices

• Cleaning of roof lights and sky lights

• Installing emergency overflows and emergency drains

• Repair of sealant joints



Regular maintenance and occasional work on the roof are necessary. Is this applicable for you on a regular basis? That makes safety an important issue. Building owners bear (joint) responsibility for a safe working environment on the roof.


Kimmenade has a security system that meets the highest safety standards. These anchors can be mounted to almost any surface and are tested in accordance with BS EN 795. After a one-time mounting of the system and a brief explanation all requirements for a safe working environment on the roof are met.

What does Kimmenade offer for safe working?  

• Safety system (NEN-EN 795)

• Risk assessment with comprehensive reporting

• Mounting the cage ladders and façade ladders

• Mounting the ladder assurance systems

• Mounting the (semi) permanent handrails on fences



Curious about the condition of your roof? Or are you considering the purchase of real estate and you want assurance about the condition of the roof? Then the Kimmenade Roof Inspection is ideal for you. Through a one-time, professional roof inspection you prevent surprises in the future. Also recommended as part of valuation reports.


Kimmenade roof inspection:

• Inspection of the roof surface

• Inspection of waterways, rain water drains and other penetrations

• Inspection of flanges and connections to elements mounted to the roof

• Inspection of inventory roof safety

• Reporting and advising

• Cost by quotation

Other services

In addition to products and services in the field of waterproofing roofs and concrete structures Kimmenade also provides services such as:

• Removal or replacement of roof lights

• Renovations of steelwork

• Lightning protection (in cooperation with partners)

• Supply and installation of drainage systems for rainwater

• Application of aluminium coating for temperature control in the building