We protect your property

against the forces of nature

High Quality protection and waterproof solutions

Kimmenade offers companies, public institutions and real estate owners, guaranteed sustainable solutions for 100% waterproofing of buildings and concrete. Innovative through in-house expertise and research. Flexible and versatile with options through successful partnerships.






Kimmenade has the quality label "Dakmerk": The only label of quality for roofing companies. Customers and specifiers that demand the DAKMERK label in their building scope, are guaranteed to receive the optimal quality, not only in service provision but also in the choice of materials and in the selection of the roofing system. The guarantee is secured by an independent guarantee fund - 10 years long!


Kimmenade is the only company in its industry certified at the highest level VCA Petrochemie and works according to the VGM Checklist Contractors (Safety, Health and Environment). The VCA certification system ensures safe working according to established requirements that meet European standards. Periodic review of affiliated companies guarantees safe working now and in the future.

ISO 9001:2015

Kimmenade is certified to the ISO 9001 standard. Kimmenade places great importance on customer satisfaction. ISO 9001 certification represents work of a sound quality policy, which ensures optimal customer satisfaction, by meeting the requirements and wishes of clients and the legal requirements that apply, for an organization.


We place great importance on direct contact with our customers, prospects and partners. If you have any questions or want more information about Kimmenade, its products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
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